Dhiban Excavation and Development Project - Webpage (مشروع حفريات وتطوير منطقة ذيبان)

The Dhiban Excavation and Development Project explored the town of Dhiban over 5 millennia, from the Early Bronze Age to the Islamic settlement. It considers multiple aspects of the site, mainly history, geology, anthropology, tourism studies, and materials sciences.

The dataset publication is forthcoming, but it is already possible to access a list of publications. No data yet (at 19/02/2021).

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Source https://opencontext.org/projects/01D080DF-2F6B-4F59-BCF0-87543AC89574
Author Benjamin Porter and Bruce Routledge
Maintainer Open Context
Last Updated February 19, 2021, 19:52 (GMT)
Created June 1, 2020, 15:20 (BST)
Project URL https://opencontext.org/projects/20-dhiban-excavation-and-development-project
Project principal and co-investigators

Katherine Adelsberger (Knox College),

Danielle S. Fatkin (Knox College),

Benjamin W. Porter (University of California, Berkeley),

Bruce Routledge (University of Liverpool).

Project start date 2004-01-01
Project end date 2011-12-31
Project status Completed
Citation information

Porter B. and Routledge B. (2011), Dhiban Excavation and Development Project, Released: 2011-08-05. Open Context, URL: http://opencontext.org/projects/01D080DF-2F6B-4F59-BCF0-87543AC89574>; ARK (Archive): https://n2t.net/ark:/28722/k2sx6bm5z (Last access 01/06/2020).

Time Periods Roman, Bronze Age Unspecified, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Islamic Unspecified, Iron Age unspecified
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