Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain (EDSP) - Project Website (البعثة الأثرية إلى سهول البحر الميت)

The Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain (EDSP) - Project Website showcases information about the project, its team, and a list of the project's publication. The project looked Early Bronze Age in the Southern Levant, focusing on five sites in the Dead Sea Plain: - Bab adh-Dhra` - Numayra - Ras an-Numayra (located adjacent to Numayra) - Fifa - Khirbat Khanazir Each of them has its own webpage providing further information on the site history and history of excavation.

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Maintainer Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain (EDSP)
Last Updated September 24, 2020, 11:44 (BST)
Created June 15, 2020, 15:02 (BST)
Project URL https://expeditiondeadseaplain.org/
Project principal and co-investigators

Walter E. Rast, Valparaiso University;

R.Thomas Schaub, Indiana University of Pennsylvania;

Project team


James Adovasio, University of Pittsburgh (textiles and basketry);

Reuben Bullard, University of Cincinnati (geologist);

Edith Dietz, Smithsonian Institution (conservation);

Jack Donahue, University of Pittsburgh (geologist);

Michael Finnegan, Kansas State University (physical anthropologist, surveyor);

Bruno Frohlich, Smithsonian Institution (physical anthropologist);

Jack Harlan, University of Illinois (paleoagronomist);

Robert Johnston, Rochester Institute of Technology (ceramicist);

Robert Madden, University of Pennsylvania (metals);

Mark McConaughy, University of Pittsburgh, Illinois State Museum (lithics, surveyor);

David McCreery, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, American Center of Oriental Research in Amman (paleoethnobotanist);

Donald Ortner, Smithsonian institution (physical anthropologist);

Susan Short, University of Colorado (palynologist);


Henry Cowherd, Rochester Institute of Technology;

Christine Helms, Oxford University;

Kjell Sandved, Smithsonian Institution;


Marilyn M. Schaub, Duquesne University.

Project start date 1974-01-01
Project end date 1990-12-31
Project status Completed
Project funder

National Endowment for the Humanities

The Shelby White-Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications

National Geographic Society

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Foundation

Wenner-Gren Anthropological Foundation

The Hunt Foundation

The Kyle-Kelso Excavation Fund

The Chuck Wheeler Christian Foundation

The Dynac Corporation

Ernst & Whinney

Jacobs International Limited, Inc.

MacAllister Machinery Co., Inc.

SL Industries, Inc.

Weller Grossman Productions, Inc.

Private donors.

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Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain (EDSP) (n.d.), Expedition to the Dead Sea Plain (EDSP) - Project Website, https://expeditiondeadseaplain.org/ (15/06/2020).

Time Periods Early Bronze Age
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