Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) Documentary and Map Archives (مجموعات وثائق وخرائط صندوق استكشاف فلسطين)

The PEF Documentary and Map archives includes 19th and early 20th century maps and notebooks from travelers and scholars working for the PEF working in the South Levant. The recently acquired Iain Browning archive is a particular interest for Jordan as it covers his travels in Petra and Jerash. The collection is accessible via visiting the PEF in London.

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Maintainer Palestine Exploration Fund, Dreadnought Walk, Greenwich, London, UK
Last Updated September 23, 2020, 10:22 (BST)
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Felicity Cobbing (Chief Executive & Curator)

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Ivona Lloyd-Jones (Administative & Membership Consultant:);

Elisabeth Sawerthal (Librarian & Reviews Editor for PEQ);

Avantika Clark (Collections Assistant).

Project start date 1850-01-01
Project status Ongoing
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Palestine Exploration Fund (n.d.), Documentary and Map Archives, Webpage, (Last accessed 09/07/2020).

Time Periods Islamic Ottoman, Modern
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