Petra Hinterland Ancient Roads Project (مشروع الطرق القديمة في بترا هينترلاند)

The project records the ancient roads network in the hinterland of Petra. The documentation process includes taking photographs, recording GPS points along the route of each road, and plotting the traceable remains of each road on a digital map. On the website, a photo gallery of the documented area is available.

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Author Al-Hussein bin Talal University, the Nabataean Centre for Archaeological Studies
Last Updated September 27, 2020, 07:30 (BST)
Created March 4, 2020, 07:23 (GMT)
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Dr. Fawzi Abudanah

Dr. Sa'ad Twaissi

Dr. Mohammad B. Tarawneh

Adeeb Al-Salameen

Project start date 2011-01-01
Project status Ongoing
Citation information

Abudanah, F; Twaissi S; Wenner, E Sarah; Tarawneh, M. B; al-Salameen, A., (2015), The Legend of the ‘King’s Highway’: The Archaeological Evidence. ZOrA 8.

Abudanah, F., Tarawneh, M.B., Twaissi, S., Wenner, S. and Al‐Salameen, A., (2016), The Via Nova Traiana Between Petra and Ayn Al‐Qana In Arabia Petraea. Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 35(4), pp.389-412.

Time Periods Nabataean, Byzantine, Roman
Data type Images Photograph, Text article, Images Map