Tall Jalul - Madaba Plains Project - Website (مشروع سهول مأدبا - تل جلول)

The 'Jalul. Part of the Madaba Plain Project' website presents the 16 seasons of archaeological excavations (1992-2016) conducted by the Andrews University at Tall Jalul in the Amman Governorate with overviews and photographs. The website does not link to the excavation database but offers a list of published bibliographical references on the excavations results.

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Maintainer Madaba Plains Project
Last Updated July 7, 2020, 08:34 (BST)
Created May 12, 2020, 15:10 (BST)
Project URL https://www.madabaplains.org/jalul/
Project principal and co-investigators

Randall W. Younker - Director;

Constance Clark Gane;

Paul Gregor - Co-Director;

Paul J. Ray, Jr. - Co-Director;

Reem Shqour - Director (Jalul Islamic Village).

Project team

Robert Bates - Field Supervisor;

Karen Borstad - Jalul Survey;

Theodore Burgh - Jalul Survey;

Ralph Hawkins - Field Supervisor;

Mark Zeise - Field Supervisor.

Project start date 1992-01-01
Project status Ongoing
Citation information

Madaba Plains Project (2020), 'Jalul. Part of the Madaba Plain Project.' Project Website https://multi.madabaplains.org/hisban/ (Last accessed 12/05/2020).

Time Periods Early Bronze Age I, Early Bronze Age IV, Islamic Late Mamluk, Byzantine, Hellenistic, Early Bronze Age III, Roman, Iron Age II, Early Bronze Age II, Persian, Iron Age I
Data type Images Photograph, Text - Other