The Documentation of Traditional Villages in Petra Region (توثيق القرى التقليدية في البترا)

Five villages of the 19th-early 20th centuries in Petra region were fully documented, mapped, and top-planned. A full detailed archive of photography, description and plans is now deposited in Petra College and the Jordanian Scientific Research Fund. The documentation process included mapping of the villages, top plan drawing, domestic units drawing, full description of building techniques; building materials; walling; roofing systems; coating materials and other architectural elements with consideration of the intangible heritage of these villages.

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Author The Nabataean Centre for Archaeological Studies / Al-Hussein bin Talal University
Last Updated September 27, 2020, 07:30 (BST)
Created March 4, 2020, 07:02 (GMT)
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Dr. Sa'ad Twaissi

Dr. Belal Abuhalaleh

Dr. Fawzi Abudanah

Dr. Adeeb Al-Salameen

Sarah E. Wenner

Project start date 2011-01-01
Project end date 2013-01-01
Project status Completed
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Jordan Scientific Research Fund

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Twaissi, S. Abuhalaleh, B. Abudanah, F. & Al-Salameen, A., (2016), The new project on the traditional villages in Petra region with some ethno-archaeological notes. Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan, vol. Xii, 739-746.

Twaissi,S, l Abuhalaleh, B. Abudanah, F. Al-Salameen. A., (2016), The Architectural Aspects of the Traditional Villages in Petra Region with Some Anthropological Notes. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, vol. 7.N4:336-352.

Time Periods Islamic Ottoman Late, Modern
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