The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map (البوابة المغليثية وخريطة المغيليث)

The Megalithic Portal is a non-academic platform collecting information and photographs of megalithic structures around the world and displaying them on a map.

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Author Andy Burnham
Last Updated September 27, 2020, 07:08 (BST)
Created April 7, 2020, 14:01 (BST)
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Project principal and co-investigators

Andy Burnham

Project start date 2001-01-01
Project status Completed
Project funder

Tim Prevett

Martyn 'TheCaptain' - lead for French sites

Jan 'Klingon (Germany)


Coldrum - News

Bat32 - News and lead for North American sites

MickM - Archaeology adviser

Holger_Rix (Germany)

Aska - lead for Japanese sites

Martin_L (Continental Europe esp. Germany and Scandinavian Countries / Rock Art)

DavidMorgan (Site Location Research)


DrewParsons (New Zealand and Central Asia)

SolarMegalith (Mediterranean / Brochs and Nuraghes / Rock Art)

PAB (Peter Boyle)

Runemage (Lead Forum Moderator and Book Reviews)

Motist (Israel and India)


DurhamNature (Archive photo research)

Citation information

Burnham A. (n.d.), The Megalithic Portal, (Last accessed 07/04/20).

Time Periods Period Unknown or Unspecified, Roman, Bronze Age Unspecified
Data type Images Photograph, Images Map, Text essay