Wadi Hasa Ancient Pastoralism Project, Data Archive (أرشيف بيانات مسوحات وادي الحسا)

Data records related to archaeological surveys conducted in the Wadi al-Hasa region of central Jordan, such as the Wadi Hasa Survey and the Wadi Hasa North Bank Survey. The data was corrected and added to as part of Wadi Hasa Ancient Pastoralism (WHAP) Project, in conjunction with the Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics (MEDLAND) Project, Barton 2004. Some more data was added in 2015.

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Source https://figshare.com/articles/Wadi_Hasa_Ancient_Pastoralism_Project/1404216
Author Isaac I Ullah
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Project URL https://figshare.com/articles/Wadi_Hasa_Ancient_Pastoralism_Project/1404216
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Isaac I Ullah

Project start date 2004-01-01
Project status Completed
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Ullah, I. ,(2015), Wadi Hasa Ancient Pastoralism Project, Data Archive. figshare. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.1404216.v2 (last accessed 11/05/2020)

Ullah, I. I, (2015), Integrating Older Survey Data into Modern Research Paradigms: Identifying and Correcting Spatial Error in “Legacy” Datasets. Advances in Archaeological Practice, 3(4), 331-350.

Time Periods Chalcolithic Unspecified, Roman, Neolithic Unspecified, Bronze Age Unspecified, Epi-Palaeolithic Unspecified, Islamic Unspecified, Iron Age unspecified, Palaeolithic Unspecified
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