WF16 Excavations at an Early Neolithic Settlement in Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan (الحفريات في مستقرّات من العصر الحجري الحديث في وادي فينان)

Open access publication of the 2008-2010 archaeological excavations of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic A site of WF16 in Faynan, including contexts, stratigraphy, radiocarbon dates, architecture, and burials.

License: Available as open access, but license not indicated.

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Maintainer University of Reading Whiteknights PO Box 217 Reading Berkshire RG6 6AH United Kingdom
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Project principal and co-investigators

Steven Mithen;

Bill Finlayson;

Darko Maričević;

Sam Smith;

Emma Jenkins;

Mohammad Najjar.

Project team

Karen Wicks;

Sam Allcock;

Sarah Elliott;

Pascal Flohr.

Project start date 2008-01-01
Project end date 2018-01-31
Project status Completed
Project funder

Arts and Humanities Research Council (grant AH/E006205/1);

Wenner Gren Foundation;

The University of Reading;

Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL).

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Mithen S., Finlayson B., Maričević D., Smith S., Jenkins E., and Najjar M. (2018), WF16 Excavations at an Early Neolithic Settlement in Wadi Faynan, Southern Jordan. Stratigraphy, Chronology, Architecture and Burials, with contributions from Karen Wicks, Sam Allcock, Sarah Elliott and Pascal Flohr, Oxford: CBRL Monographs.

Time Periods Neolithic Pre-Pottery A, Neolithic Pre-Pottery Early, Neolithic Unspecified
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